Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures from Ship life

Miracle Life

My two closest friends on the Miracle
My Favorite Mexican I've ever met, I love Federico

PRE-My Birthday/Farewell celebration at Supper Club

My Soul mate on the ship, Elizabeth
Good friend Sam and me

New York City

Me in Times Square
I'm a big kid!!! What can I say!!!

The day Lizzie and I became soulmates

My favorite cruise

Most of my kids and Kyle, he was adopted into Circle C

Kyle again
Going snorkeling in Grand Turk with my sweetums

Random ports

Riding a sweet horse in Grand Turk

Living it up on the beach in St. Thomas USVI

Half Moon Cay, the most beautiful beach

Lizzie and me taking in the rays
Parasailing, I finally got to do it


I took my teens sailing on a catamaran out in King's Wharf, Bermuda
Just exploring the Bermudian streets

A beautiful Bermudian sunset

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Miracle on the Miracle

Well first off, I need to say that my Miracle experience has come to an end. I have returned home to Mississippi, as I felt I needed to. I want to be with the people who matter the most, my wonderful family. And I didn't feel like ship life was the place where I could be a Godly lady.
So I booked a flight and said goodbye to my wonderful friends. I admit, I cried a little bit when I left the ship. No matter how much I hated it at times, it is hard to leave great friendships that are built.
My soulmate, my Miracle on the Miracle, Elizabeth Ann Pearce, was the hardest to leave. We stuck together our whole time together on the ship. We were disco buddies, port buddies, prayer partners, goof off buddies, girl talkers, best friends, and sisters. I am so thankful that God put us together and I believe it is no coincidence that we met on a ship called the Miracle. It was hard to say goodbye to her, but I have assured her that when she flies to Mississippi in Aug/Sept that I will gladly put a glass of sweet tea in one hand and a cowbell in another and show her Mississippi life. I can't wait til that day.
So, home I am. Mississippi. I was away for 100 days. When I got back tonight, Mamaw cried. I hugged her. I held her hand. I loved on her. It was beautiful. Then I went outside to hug my dog. We sat outside for a while, she in my lap, me rubbing her fat belly, and enjoying the stars. It has been a beautiful day.

I am exhausted, and my face looks like skin cancer (thanks alot beautiful Bahamian beach that draws you in so much you can't leave and then your face gets fried)!!!! I believe I am going to turn in for the night and get some much needed rest. Something Carnival workers don't get much of. Thank God I am home to get some now!!!

Peace, love, and Southern comfort (not the alcohol, definitely the lifestyle!!!)