Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Been a While

It seems like an eternity ago when I last posted on here, but I decided to get back to writing. Maybe my blogging won't end with this post.
Since I last wrote, I have finished one semester of grad school and almost done with my second. I finish my Master's Degree in 98 days and this is exciting.

Ever more so, my life is an adventure. I have applied for 5 Extension jobs in Texas yet haven't heard anything back yet. Not shocking though.

Speaking of adventure, I got a text from a friend on Tuesday who had gotten his truck in the mud. I recruited another friend who has a truck to help him get his truck out. In the process of trying to get to the first truck, the truck I was in got stuck. Therefore, we were required to recruit more help, only for that truck to also get stuck. Whew, the pandemonium already. Then another truck came out to help only to get stuck while pulling the third truck out of the mud. While one truck did get rescued, we still had 3 trucks stuck. After about 4 hours of using the tractor, wench, and come-along, the third truck came out of the mud. At midnight we were exhausted and left the first two trucks stuck in the mud. I was told that the next day while trying to get back to the trucks to pull them out, the ATV got stuck. What a nightmare. Either way, all 4 trucks were saved and it makes a nice story to tell.